Oakwood Meadows

 Board Members

Welcome to Oakwood Meadows Subdivision

 A family friendly neighborhood, an excellent place to call home.

President's Corner

Reminder of a
few of our key restrictions 

- Garbage containers need to be
kept inside 

- Trailers, campers, or other
recreational vehicles are not to be stored on any residential lot

- Grass is to be kept mowed and
free of debris

- No political or advertising
signs are allowed


      Account Balances as of July 31st

Checking        $10,261.53
Money Market $16,508.56

Meeting Minutes

Minutes for August have been posted 

The bylaws were mailed out for voting on Sept 18th.  Click here to view the material on-line.

A special meeting for tallying the ballots will be held on October 22, at 7pm at the Green Oak Township Hall at 10001 Silver Lake Rd