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President's Corner

Lawsuit - status update:

To review the legal steps of the pump house legal case that was initiated by a previous Board of Directors.  A current board member was in attendance on Sept 9th, 2014 for the court appearance, as of today, we have not received official results from the court.  The unofficial report is that the defendant will be required to bring their structure into compliance by April 15th, 2015.  Once we have received the official court documents, we will publish the summary of the court stipulation. 

1)     Initial court trial in Howell that ruled in favor of the defendant as it was a permitted use structure

2)     The 2013 Board of Directors disagreed with that judgment and appealed that decision to the Court of Appeals.

3)     The Court of Appeals offered their opinion based on a review of the trial documentation.  This opinion is then returned to          the original trial judge in Howell for a final ruling.

4)     As we have not receive a copy of the final ruling.  The unofficial ruling from the judge is that the defendant will be                     required to bring their structure into compliance by April 15th 2015.   

Meeting Minutes

Minutes for August 20th have been posted 

October 22nd, the Bylaws have passed!!!!! 

Thank you all for your support during this process and we look forward to beginning the dialog on updating the restrictions next!

What are restrictions? - Restrictions are basically the rules of our neighborhood. Generally, the goal of the restrictions is protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community.

Account Balances as of October 14th

Checking        $  8,992.63
Money Market $16,509.82

Treasurer's report is available

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November 1st at 9am - for Fall cleanup!  Meet at the beach

December 11th 7pm - Open Meeting and Holiday get together at Moose Ridge