Oakwood Meadows

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Welcome to Oakwood Meadows Subdivision

 A family friendly neighborhood, an excellent place to call home.


the Livingston County Road Commission is responsible for maintenance on all county roads and drains.  They have patched the hole by the drain on Daleview and 10 Mile.  Thanks to all who called the county!

​To report a pothole in Livingston County, call the Livingston Country Road Commission's maintenance department at 517-546-4250


Contact us if you would like to volunteer to be on a committee.  We are looking for people to join the Pond, Events, Building Review and Front Entrance Committees.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes for May 6th have been posted 

Assessment Reminder

Dues of $175 are due by April 30th.  send to PO Box 373 South Lyon,  MI  48178  

Thanks to the 87 members that have paid!

Pond Update

Our pond looks to be in reasonably good shape this spring.  There is the usual algae but not as much in the plant growth.

Scott, the aquatics man received our annual permit from the State of Michigan on May 13.  The pond was serviced on May 28th.

Has anybody seen any fish in the pond this spring? Contact us and let us know! There are painted and box turtles, a muskrat, at least three families of Canadian geese, but no fish.  The extreme harsh winter is the culprit it seems.  According to Scott, the pond expert that treats our pond for weeds, there were a number of areas in Michigan and Wisconsin that had 100 per cent fish kills in shallower ponds and lakes due to thick ice and heavy snows cutting off oxygen to fish.