Oakwood Meadows

 Board Members

Welcome to Oakwood Meadows Subdivision

 A family friendly neighborhood, an excellent place to call home.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes for December have been posted 

South Lyon wide garage sale for this year is set for May 14-17

We look forward to beginning the dialog on updating the restrictions next!

What are restrictions? - Restrictions are basically the rules of our neighborhood. Generally, the goal of the restrictions is protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community.

Account Balances as of March 1st

Checking        $  2,578.84
Money Market $16,512.96

Treasurer's report as of March 1st is available with details of the spending

Upcoming Events

Nomination forms have been mailed

As a reminder, we are not directly nominating people for a specific position on the board. In alignment with the new bylaws, our election will be voting for 8 members for the board and then that board will determine within themselves who will hold what officer position.

Thank you to everyone that was nominated and that accepted the nomination