Oakwood Meadows

Account Balances as of April 1st

Checking        $   13,773.15
Money Market $  16,530.27

Treasurer's report as of fiscal year end for 2017-2018 is available 

​​Annual Meeting

Thanks to all of the members that voted in the annual meeting and also to the members that were able to attend the meeting.

Leisa, Mark, John and Jessica were all reelected.  The dues of $150 dollars passed

Green Oak Township Burn Permit

 Information for local burn bans will be posted on the Green Oak Charter Township Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/greenoakfd/, the Green Oak Charter Township web page at http://www.greenoaktwp.com/, or can be obtained by calling 810-231-3663 

Additional info can be found here  

Sub 2 Restrictions

The committee has completed an update to the restrictions for sub 2 that is ready to be presented to the sub 2 membership.  The committee updated the restrictions based on the communities request to drive both of our subs restrictions closer together, membership input over the last few years.

Next step, is a general sub 2 membership meeting for sub2 to review the modifications after the annual meeting.

Front Entrance

The committee has been looking at options for the front entrance and getting recommendations and cost estimates from vendor(s).  Options are teardown and rebuilding, refacing the existing structure or a new sign mounted on the top.  2 estimates for 2 different options came in at around $18,000 for the 4 corners of the 2 entrances.​


The streets are not owned nor the responsibility of the association. We have and encourage all members to report issues and concerns related to the streets directly to the county to reinforce their obligation to maintain them. This has resulted in the repair of drains and patching of holes at the expense of the county.

Service Requests for road routine maintenance can be immediately submitted by calling (517) 546-4250 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the April 25, 2018 Annual Meeting have been posted 

 A family friendly neighborhood, an excellent place to call home.

Welcome to Oakwood Meadows Subdivision

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